What are your rates?

Our rates are between 8-11%. The rate will depend on borrower experience, size of the project, and the location of the property.

How fast can you close a deal?

We can close our deals in as quickly as 15 days.

What kind of properties will you lend on?

We will lend on 1-4 unit residential properties.

Is there a minimum credit score?

Yes. We require a 600 minimum credit score.

Do you require tax returns? W2’s? Paystubs?


Do you require bank statements?

Yes. We will require 60 days most recent bank statements.

Do you lend to individuals or owner-occupied residences?

No. All loans must be closed in an LLC and be for investment purposes only. We do not allow for owner-occupied purchases.

Do I have to put any money in the deal?

Yes. Depending on your loan to value will depend on your investment amount plus closing costs.

Will you lend money for construction?

We do lend money for the construction portion of your loan. The construction funds will be held in an escrow account. As you complete the construction monies will be disbursed.

Do you require an appraisal?

Yes, we will either have an appraisal done or a desktop valuation will be done to determine both the as-is value and the after repair value of the property.